Users of Appresan PRO Footcare
I have been using Allpresan Foot Care Foam as suggested by my Foot Care Nurse for the past 30 days. In my job, I am on my feet all day and build up hard dry skin on my heels. I use a heel file to rub on my heels at least once a week, but with this product I file only twice a month. My feet are less dry and are softener then in the past. I like how it dries quickly so you don't have to wait for it to soak into your skin. I just rub it onto my feet, one foot at a time, slip on my socks and get on with my day and life.
Thank You Allpresan PRO.
Your Loyal Customer. Pat B from Kitchener, Ontario. I am a 61 year old man who was embarrassed by scabby, bloody legs for most of my life. My family doctor prescribed a cream, which I had filled twice and it didn’t change anything. The next step was to see a specialist who also prescribed a cream but again had the prescription filled twice with no luck. Decided to try the over the counter creams. Started out with Vaseline, Aveeno, Nivea, and Uremol. Again no change. Saw an ad on television for a zinc spray, gave that a try, again no change. Thank goodness my wife decided to go see a foot nurse named Linda. She recommended that I use Allpresan 7 and within two weeks I saw a change. I have now been using the product for 2 months and my legs although scarred are now smoother and most of the bloody scabs are gone.
Thank You Linda for finally finding a solution.
Marty in Ontario
I want to let the company know what a fantastic product you have in the Foot Care Foam product. I have been struggling with cracked heels and dry feet for most of my life and it was only by having a pedicure in Western Canada that I stumbled upon this product
I have never felt so strongly about a product as I do yours and if you ever need a representative to spread the word about this product in the southeastern part of the United States please let me know.

I will be bringing the product to my hairdresser’s to spread the good news.

Your Loyal Customer, Janet from Florida