The Company

We invented Foot Foam Cream!
Neubourg Skin Care, the developer of Allpresan foot foams, is a young and dynamic family business with 60 employees, located in North Rhine-Westphalia Greven, Germany. As the specialist in breathable foam creams they have made a name in recent years in the skin care and podiatry market. What company founder Fritz Neubourg began in 1998 is carriedon successfully today by his son and second generation, Dr. Thomas Neuboug. With over 20 years of proven results, the product line has expanded to include solutions for every skin and foot care need.

“In the mid-nineties, company founder Fritz Neubourg had a vision: he wanted to develop a product that moisturized the skin without – as was customary at the time – making the skin greasy. In the cellar of the Neubourg family home, the idea for an innovative care solution for dry feet was ultimately created”

This marked the birth of foam cream. Allpresan® technology has become an indispensible tool for professional skin and foot care.

In 1998 foam cream pioneer Fritz Neubourg fundamentally revolutionized foot care for all skin types including diabetics and in 1999 dermatological studies led to a specific active formula for the skin of diabetics, and thus the Allpresan® patented brand was launched.

With the innovation of foam-creams by Neubourg Skin Care, they have set in motion a profound rethinking of the care and treatment of medical and cosmetic skin problems. Thanks to its unique patented formula they absorb into the skin faster than conventional creams and ointments and can be evenly distributed without friction while providingsuperior moisturizing benefits.

The success of theAllpresanbrand is a result of the corporate philosophy, which is based on the principles of quality, innovation and service.

Leading experts in Dermatology, Diabetology and Podiatry are consulted in the development of all new product introductions for their clinical input and to oversee field studies with their patients. In addition we actively involve our customers in product development, so that we can practically implement the latest scientific findings in needs-based products. Our focus is on foam creams and their innovative route of administration for the care and treatment of medical and cosmetic skin problems.

With a heritage of over 20 years in skin and foot care in Germany, the company has now expanded its business to North America and the United Kingdom and is launching their innovative foam creams to help all. New products are being created for total body skin care and a specialized division is addressing the needs of diabetic patients suffering with dry skin on the feet.

The Allpresan brand now encompasses special needs driven products for manyskin conditionsparticularly special products for diabetics, as dry skin in diabetics can lead to foot complications such as diabetic ulcer.Neubourg works closely with healthcare professionals who have a special interest in diabetic foot syndrome, including diabetologists, podiatrists, dermatologists, general practitioners and nurses. Prophylactic use of Allpresan Diabetic Foam Cream at the earliest stages of dry skin on the feet is vital to prevent further damage and through patented technology offers significant patient benefits. The advice, insight and knowledge Neubourg gains from experts on the ground provides them with important information to help deliver their mission – to enhance the treatment of foot care of diabetic patients and consumers.